Education video


Teaching video will help you quickly and effectively achieve the following goals:

  • to bring a new employee up to speed
  • to coordinate the work of the company
  • quickly and easily tell about the values of corporate culture
  • to present for colleagues a new standards of work
  • save money on repetitions of seminars and time on personal meetings
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"Practical research has shown that in the near future half of the Internet traffic will be filled with video, so every organization needs to embed video as an important component of the development strategy.When we spend time and money making a good video, in fact we want to get a return on investment, and it will necessarily happen"

Video lessons

They are created for remote training to any skills.


Help your employees act correctly in certain situations, communicate with customers or handle anything, including technically complex equipment.

Shooting trainings and seminars

Preserve the most important moments of the event - in whole or in short, accessible form.

Educational films

Present the specifics and principles of this or that activity.

In each training video, we use an individual approach - the original script is supplemented according to your desire with methodological materials, graphics, diagrams and any other audiovisual solutions. We know the most important thing - how to make it so that the video is interesting, understandable and accessible to everyone.

How can we remain cheerful, inspiring and ideologically correct for our employees 24 hours a day? How quickly to teach a new employee the basics of corporate culture? How to implement common standards of a large company in hundreds of offices around the world? Once and for all, remove these issues from the agenda. To do this, it is enough to create a training video together with Alif Media.