Corporate video


A corporate film is a universal type of business media. It will help you build communication with any target audience: investors, customers or employees of the firm. This genre is addressed when they want to present some of the company's activities - a new facility, the best product, a corporate strategy, the results of the work for the year. A video about the leader will be an excellent gift for his anniversary.

Creating a corporate film, we perform the full range of related services:

  • Formulation of thoughts and desires of the client into the idea
  • Writing a detailed script of corporate film
  • Organization of the shooting process
  • Post-production (editing, graphics, voice, etc.)

The film can include photos, diagrams, 3D animation, interviews, excerpts from training seminars. It can be short or full-length. Historical or image, selling or popular science, documentary or gaming. You choose the style and content, and we do it so that it works to achieve your goals.

Any questions?

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Presentation videos are used to represent the company or product at trade fairs and business events. In the shortest possible time, the presentation video allows to give the viewer an exhaustive information, focusing on the strongest aspects. The main advantages of the presentation of the material with the help of presentation videos:


In the presentation, you can insert any kind of graphics, diagrams, additional photos and video materials. The possibilities of visualizing any information give an inexhaustible source of inspiration and variety of options for execution.


You can use all kinds of graphic design and multimedia design information, including 2D | 3D animation. Maps, globe, charts, numbers and statistics. Any information can be visualized in such a way that it is perceived easily and looked interesting.

Briefness and clearness

Graphically structured material is perceived faster and easier: it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.


Often, the presentation is much cheaper than creating any other video material - including, due to minimizing or lacking additional filming.