Aerial shooting

Shooting from the air – Aerial shooting

Just a few years ago we made videos with a self-made copters. Aerial shooting was something unexplored and seemingly unavailable. But already today in the market of photo and video industry there was a real breakthrough. Now, from a bird's eye view, you can shoot absolutely incredible shots. The action, flash mob, corporate, films, presentations, exhibitions - all this can be shown from a completely new perspective, which will make the video a real masterpiece.

In our arsenal, there are several proposals for aerial photography, which are suitable for any event and budget. You can use such video shooting optional, for example, to create a corporate video, or you can simply shoot beautiful views and make a movie only based on such frames and use as an independent product.

Any questions?

Ask them to our manager and get a detailed answer!

Promptly, safely, high-quality we will make a photo-video shooting from a quadrocopter in 4K / 50 frames format.

  • Building area
  • Cottage villages | Residence complexes | Building
  • Landscaping
  • Shopping centers | Hotels
  • Events | Clips
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Historical places | Panoramas
  • FlashMobs | Cultural and mass events